Style of smiles

The Aggressive Smile

aggressive_big.jpg This smile exudes self-confidence. The central teeth as well as the laterals and cuspids are squared off to create a smile that is assertive and energetic. This smile will help you project a sense of leadership, determination and absolute competence.

The Dominant Smile

dominant_big.jpg This smile retains the squared off aspect of the central teeth while shortening and rounding off the lateral teeth. This design usually fits well when the jaw line is angular and the length of the face isn’t long. Similar to the Vigorous Smile, the rounded cuspids and pre-molars add zest and create a fully confident attitude.

The Enhanced Smile

enhanced.jpg This design is a favorite for people who want a beautiful smile but don’t want to look too ‘cosmetic’. The centrals are slightly rounded on the outside edges as well as the laterals. The cuspids have been flattened and given a rounded shape. The Enhanced Smile is perfect for the person who wants to have an exquisite, elegant appearance.

The Focused Smile

focused.jpg The focused model is very popular. It combines the squared edges of the centrals with shortened laterals and rounded cuspids. We believe that this smile blends some of the best qualities of the Aggressive and Dominant smiles with a more inviting and friendly character.

The Functional Smile

functional_big.jpg This design maintains a consistent proportion to the teeth. The central and lateral teeth are slightly larger while the cuspids and pre-molars are slightly tapered. The Functional smile is most well-suited to people who have a longer, thinner outline to their face and head.

The Hollywood Smile

hollywood_big.jpg This is a smile that dazzles! The centrals, laterals and cuspids are all squared on the inside edge and rounded on the back edge. The laterals are slightly lengthened and the cuspids have also been flattened. This is a perfect design if you have a wide smile that shows lots of teeth. If you want people to say “WOW”, this is the design for you.

The Mature Smile

mature_big.jpg With similarly squared off centrals and slightly shorter lateral teeth, this smile is similar to the Aggressive pattern. The cuspids have rounded edges which create a less aggressive appearance while still projecting an image of assured competence.

The Natural Smile

natural_big.jpg The Natural Smile is popular because it creates a beautiful smile while maintaining an organic character. The rounded central teeth are combined with shortened, rounded laterals next to gently contoured cuspids and pre-molars. This is the smile for you if you want people to notice that you look younger but they can’t really tell what has changed.

The Oval Smile

oval_big.jpg The rounded edges to all the teeth in the Oval design make this smile perfect for a shorter face with curved and less angular features. The cuspids are lengthened to smooth out the proportions and create a soft appearance. This smile creates a mood of happiness, gentleness and warmth.

The Softened Smile

softened_big.jpg The Softened Smile is welcoming and invites a friendly response. The rounded central and lateral teeth are perfectly proportioned with the cuspids and pre-molars to project a sense of harmony and balance. This design is extremely popular with active professionals who want to maintain a youthful and inviting appearance.

The Vigorous Smile

vigorous_big.jpg The Vigorous Smile is full of energy. The central and lateral teeth are squared off with the laterals being somewhat shortened. The cuspids and pre-molars have a pointed shape to them giving the smile an appearance of purpose and clear direction.

The Youthful Smile

youthful_big.jpg This smile can take years off your appearance. The rounded central teeth next to the rounded and shortened laterals highlight the contoured aspects of the cuspids and premolars. The added transparence to the bottom, incisal edges of the teeth make this smile reminiscent of young adulthood. If you are a ‘bubbly’ person who is energetic and vivacious, this smile is custom made for your personality.


Aggresive Smile


Mature Smile


Vigorous Smile


Dominant Smile


Focused Smile


Enhanced Smile


Softened Smile


Hollywood Smile


Functional Smile


Natural Smile


Youthful Smile


Oval Smile


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