Cosmetic Dentistry

Ceramic Inlays & Onlays, Veneers, and Crown & Bridges

ISeveral millions of restorations speak for the successful method offered by the IPS Empress System to discerning users and patients. Its aesthetic properties and functionality has been a model for years.

– More than ten years of clinical experience with IPS Empress
– Four years of clinical experience with IPS Empress 2
– Used at numerous universities throughout the world

The world is in a period of tremendous change. Our lives are being altered in ways that, up to now, we never thought possible. It is no different in dentistry. A revolution is taking place unlike any we have ever seen before.
For example, if a mirror recently whispered that your smile could be improved, you may wish to consider the possibilities of Cosmetic Bonding, often called Resin Bonding. Revolutionary to say the least!

Resin Bonding means that an acrylic tooth colored resin is bonded to the teeth to create a superb cosmetic improvement. Bonding can be considered for front teeth that have unsightly spaces between them, teeth that are chipped, broken or stained or which are crooked and uneven.
We know that now – in this remarkable era in which we live – millions of teeth that would have been extensively repaired can be left in their natural healthy state.

With this cosmetic approach we are now able to create a beautiful smile through advanced technology and by using new materials and techniques. Closing spaces, repairing broken teeth, whitening teeth may mean only a short trip to our office.

During the Bonding procedures a mild etching solution is temporarily applied to the teeth in order to create what we call micropores – very tiny crevices in the enamel structure. These micropores allow us to use a strong, durable resin to bond lifelike materials to the teeth. After the micropores are created, the resin is placed on the tooth and a bright, intense light is used to lock the resins onto the tooth surface. Each layer is hardened in minutes. After the last coat has been applied, the bonded material is shaped and polished. The resin comes in many shades so that we can match it to your natural teeth.
To put it another way, the bonding material is a strong acrylic in paste form. It is sculpted directly to the enamel of the tooth, then hardened by a special intense light.

Indeed, using these advanced techniques and materials, it is now possible for us to replace missing teeth, stabilize loose teeth, improve the appearance of teeth, change position of teeth and generally improve the smile.
All of these procedures can be accomplished in a way that is non-surgical, conservative, reversible and dollar economical. But best of all, most of these procedures can often be completed without local anesthetic or tooth preparation.

Although not everyone is a candidate for these newer bonding procedures, you may be. Call our office for an evaluation to see if you do, indeed, qualify for these revolutionary new procedures.
While bonding is a wonderful technique, it is not yet the perfect solution to all dental restorative problems. In situations where a large portion of the tooth surface is damaged, bonding may not be as advisable as veneer crowns. Also, the acrylic veneering materials are generally not as long lasting, say, as baked porcelain veneer crowns. Bonding does, however, provide an attractive and affordable alternative solution to many cosmetic dental needs.

In other instances we can replace worn or darkened “silver” filings with tooth colored bonding materials which are indistinguishable from bright natural tooth enamel. Bonding is also used as a means of preventing decay. It can be painted on as a sealant to correct defects in the enamel of primary and permanent teeth. Left untreated, these defects may trap food and plaque, inviting early decay.

So, if the mirror tells you that your smile could be improved, please give us the opportunity to evaluate for you the possibilities of Bonding. If, indeed, you decide to have a nicer smile with Resin Bonding, this would be a great time to start. It would certainly be a plus for any self-improvement program. A beautiful smile will, of course, enhance personal appearance, as well as improve self confidence. This fact has been well proven by psychologists.

So, no matter what the problem; decay, dark fillings, a swinging door, a bicycle or automobile mishap – Bonding can be a great asset. Certainly it has opened up vast new areas of creativity in smile procedures.

The results have been tremendous and the reduced cost factor has certainly been a blessing for those interested in a more pleasing smile. Remember, the bonding material is a strong new acrylic delivered in paste form. It is sculpted directly onto the enamel micropores and then hardened by a special intense light. To summarize, it is often accomplished without preparing the teeth. Consequently, it may be done without local anesthetic. We are able to lighten, lengthen and widen teeth, restore chips and breaks in tooth enamel, eliminate gaps and spaces and even cosmetically straighten teeth.
Tooth Bleaching

Veneer Facing

Diastema Closure

Restoration of Fractured or Malformed Teeth Tooth-Colored Restoration

Cosmetic tooth-colored filling with the latest technology of 7th generation adhesives :

Decay is noted on the distal surface of the right mandibular 2nd bicuspid

The decay is accessed and removed.

The conservative cavity preparation is complete. The tooth is matrixed

The preparation is bonded with iBOND (Heraeus Kulzer, Armonk, NJ.)

The bonding agent is light cured.

The cavity is restored with Venus (Heraeus Kulzer, Armonk, NJ) and the interproximal contact is made with the CCI (Contact Curing Instrument, Hu-Friedy, Chicago, IL.)

The occlusal surface is pre-shaped prior to curing of the surface layer.

Rough and intermediate polishing are done with the Posterior Composite Finishing Kit (Brasseler USA, Savannah, GA) and the instrument shown is the VisiFlex disk for marginal ridges and embrasures.

Final surface polishing is accomplished with POGO polisher (Dentsply/Caulk, Milford, DE).

The completed restoration.

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