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Saladaeng 1st dentist (SDC1st Dentist)

Saladaeng 1st dentist(SDC1st dentist) , established in November 2010 with a vision that it should be a prototype for clinics which make available dentists in all areas of specialization, and also follow standards of modern medical/dental practice. It will offer dental services to dental patients who usually go to general practice dental clinics.

However, those general practice clinics cannot offer treatments in their entirety due to below-standard of modern health care provider in accordance with the amended Health Care Provider Act of 1998, which dictates that health care providers shall abide by the rules of the Act being that the people shall have access to primary care, as well as secondary and tertiary care (which includes sending patients to experts), and that the treatment procedures and services should bring about the patients’ satisfaction.

Saladaeng 1st dentist(SDC1st dentist) is specialized dental health provider which has an executive structure similar to that of a “dental hospital” with a holistic approach to treatment standardization in all areas of dental specialists. A team of specialists in dentistry will supervise the treatment and services through Saladaeng 1st dentist(SDC1st dentist) Quality Control Centre.

Because you are unique !

We provide treatment by experienced dental specialists whose treatment emphasizes patient-oriented dentistry. For we consider our patients as one of our own family members. Also, the materials and equipment available are highly recommended in many practices and are selected by the specialists personally to provide modern and successful treatments.

The sterilization system is provided according to the recommendation of the American Dental Association. And we only use disposable gloves, needles, masks, suction tips, cups, and impression trays. The treatment room is clean with a restful and comfortable atmosphere.

Our dentists are highly trained in various dental specialty areas. We have more than 10 English-speaking dentists. Our staff consists of carefully selected, experienced professionals who work together as a team to bring you the highest quality treatment in a warm and caring environment.

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